Sunday, October 22, 2017

Trump Lied About Calling Gold Star Families. Now The White House Is Rushing Out Condolences To Dead Soldier's Relatives To Cover His Ass

Immediately following Trump's off the rails impromptu press conference in which he pitted himself against past presidents, saying he had writes or calls soldiers’ families personally while “President Obama and other presidents ... didn’t make calls.” he took to Fox News for some damage control

Following the Rose Garden presser, on Oct 17th, Donald Trump claimed during a radio interview that he had called “every family of somebody who’s died" since he took office.

In the interview with Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade Trump exclaimed...

To the best of my knowledge I think I’ve called every family of somebody who’s died. It’s the hardest call to make... the hardest thing for me to do is to do that.

This was a self serving, self-agrandizing lie.

Since those statements and that interview Trump's administration has had to scramble to identify and find the contact information for families who lost a service member since January, according to an internal Defense Department email obtained by the news site Roll Call.

The email exchange between the White House and the Pentagon shows that senior White House aides knew Trump’s statement about having called all Gold Star families was a lie and they needed to rectify the untruth as soon as possible.

Several other news outlets have looked into Trump's claim and have similarly found that he has yet to reach out to a number of families.

During their research they also uncovered that multiple families of military service members killed in the line duty are now getting rush-delivered letters just days after Trump fallacious claim.

In one of the reports, published Wednesday, the Washington Post interviewed the families of 13 service members who were killed after Trump took office: Half of the families received phone calls from the president, the remainder had not heard from Trump.

In another the Associated Press reported it had reached out to the families of all 43 people who have died in military service since Trump took office. Of the 21 they contacted found that he had only made contact with about half of the families.

According to a report in The Atlantic at least three families said they just received express-shipped packages from the White House months after their loved one's deaths.

It is not clear how many of the families who have heard from the president received the calls this week.

The revelation that Trump either doesn't call the families for fallen soldiers or hands the job off to his vice president sends a clear message about the man.

If you can effortlessly lie, solely for the sake of  about consoling families who are going through the worst tragedy of their lives then there isn't anything off limits that you won't lie about... But I think deep down we knew that about Trump already.

As Fallen Soldier At The Center Of Trump Controversy Is Laid To Rest Donald Goes Golfing

Today mourners gathered at a Florida's Christ the Rock Community Church to say a final farewell to an Army sergeant LaDavid Johnson whose death has become ensnared in a spiraling political controversy.

After Sgt. Johnson and three other U.S. soldiers were killed in an ISIS ambush in Niger on Oct. 4th. Later it was revealed that Johnson’s body had been left behind for 48 hours after the attack and nearly a mile away from the scene of the attack.

It took twelve days for Donald Trump to even mention the four fallen soldiers and only did so because he was asked by a reporter at an impromptu press briefing. When he did he never directly addressed the mission or the deceased soldiers only the he believed, erroneously, that his predecessor President Obama never called the families of dead soldiers.

Trump then further aggravated the situation by mishandling a phone call made to Johnson’s widow in which he devastated the grieving woman by telling her that her husband...

"knew what he was signing up for"

Trump then decided to engaged in a squabble with longtime family friend Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-Fla.) when she went public about Trump’s tragic phone call with Johnson’s pregnant widow, Myeshia.

Trump then further poured salt into the open wound of the family when he denied Wilson’s account, calling her “wacky” and saying she “fabricated” his statement.

The family has since backed the congresswoman's statement saying that...

"Trump did disrespect my son and my daughter and also me and my husband” 

From there the situation spiraled out of control as Trump had his Chief of Staff, retired General John Kelly, sent out to attack the congresswoman with unsubstantiated claims of grandstanding at a building dedication that have since been disproved.

As the heartbroken relatives followed a somber procession into the Church in Cooper City, Fla. on Saturday Donald Tump was nowhere to be found.

There were no condolences tweeted out over his favorite form of communication.

There was no mention of him through a White House spokesperson.

The reason for Donald Trump's complete lack of visibility and radio silence was due to the fact that he was golfing.

Given the freshness of the controversy and grief surrounding the situation perhaps this might be the one weekend Trump gave his golfing game a rest.

This outing will mark Trump's 74th day on a golf course since taking office.

Rep. Frederica Wilson was at the funeral.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

After General Kelly Lied About Congresswoman Trump Administration Says "Generals" Will Not Be Questioned!

By now we have all heard about the tone deaf call Trump made to a gold star widow in which he said that her son "knew what he was signing up for" as if that would ease her grief.

When Congresswoman Frederica Wilson (D-Fla.), a longtime friend of the family who was in the room when the widow took the call on speakerphone, saw how the heartless caused widow to to curl into a fetal position and weep uncontrollably she called Trump out for his "disrespect" to the family.

After the story broke Trump, as usual, took to Twitter where he tried to cast Wilson as a liar and claimed he could prove it...

Unfortunately for Trump LaDavid Johnson’s mother backed the congresswoman up and said in an interview with the Washington Post...

President Trump did disrespect my son and my daughter and also me and my husband.” 

Having been caught in a lie and having no proof Trump, now deep in damage control, decided to sent his chief of staff John Kelly out in front of the media to flack for him.

Kelly took to the podium in the White House press briefing room and proceeded to defend his boss the best he could.

Unfortunately that involved lying about congresswoman Wilson.

After Kelly spoke genuinely heartfelt and emotional word about one of his sons he had lost to the war in Afghanistan in 2010 he proceeded to berate Rep. Wilson as an "empty barrel". He then launched into a tirade about a 2015 speech she delivered at the dedication of an FBI field office in Miami, which was being named after two agents who had died on the job, in which he claimed she made the speech all about herself bragging about $20 million she had gotten for her constituency...

"And a congresswoman stood up, and in a long tradition of empty barrels making the most noise, stood up there in all of that and talked about how she was instrumental in getting the funding for that building, and how she took care of her constituents because she got the money, and she just called up President Obama, and on that phone call, he gave the money, the $20 million, to build the building, and she sat down. And we were stunned, stunned that she’d done it. Even for someone that is that empty a barrel, we were stunned."

This was a bald faced lie.

In a stroke of bad luck for Kelly a video of the incident surfaced which thoroughly disproves his account and instead shows Rep. Wilson speaking about the deceased agent in glowing terms and not speaking about herself or the money for the building as she wasn’t even in Congress when the funds were allocated.

Here is that video...

At Friday's press briefings when a reporter brought up the fact that the video proved that what Kelly had said about the Congresswoman was a untruthful White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders snapped at the reporter telling him it would be “highly inappropriate” for them to question chief of staff John Kelly because he served in the military as a general...

If you want to go after Gen. Kelly, that is up to you. If you want to get into a debate with a four-star Marine general, I think that is something highly inappropriate.

That's some bullshit right there my friends.

The fact that Kelly was four-star Marine general, who is now retired, is irrelevant to whether journalists are allowed to question and criticize him. Our armed services do not run the country. We do not live under a military junta. This is America where the first amendment, freedom of speech and a free press allows anyone and everyone to question whomever they want...

Even if it shows Donald Trump and his administration out to be the liars they are.

Friday, October 20, 2017

TRUMP'S BENGHAZI! Why Trump Won't Talk About The Four Dead Soldiers Killed By ISIS

As many argue over Trump's ugly and callous behavior towards a gold star widow there are some who are wondering if his behavior isn't a premeditated distraction from the real issue: What were those soldiers doing in Niger, how were they killed and why did it take so long to get help to them?

These questions swirl as new reports surface that staffers at the National Security Council had drafted and delivered a statement of condolence for Donald Trump to read on October 5th, the day after the deadly ambush that took the lives of the four U.S. soldiers in Niger earlier this month.

A statement he never delivered.

The draft statement reads as follows...

Melania and I are heartbroken at the news that three (?) U.S. service members were killed in Niger on October 4 while providing guidance and assistance to Nigerien security force counter-terror operations. We offer our deepest condolences to the families and friends of these brave American soldiers and patriots. They will remain in our thoughts and prayers. 
We are also praying for the two U.S. service members who were injured in the incident. We wish them a complete and swift recovery."The heroic Americans who lost their lives yesterday did so defending our freedom and fighting violent extremism in Niger. Our administration and our entire nation are deeply grateful for their sacrifice, for their service, and for their patriotism.

Heartfelt sentiments written for Trump but never delivered. Notice in the first sentence of the statement the reference to three deceased soldiers. They didn't even have the right number of troops that died that night!

So why the silence?

We know the White House officials had briefed Trump on the matter.

We know the statement was circulated among NSC officials as well as Defense Department officials

And yet two weeks later Trump still remained silent on the mission, the deaths and the "rescue" until a reporter forced his hand by asking him why he hadn't commented on the subject.

It was only after an impromptu Monday press conference where Trump was pressed about why he had not spoken publicly about the deaths where he ultimately deflected the question by serving up the false claim that President Obama and other past presidents had never or rarely called the families of U.S. troops who died.

No one asked about that and yet he felt a need to throw up this smoke screen.


After the ugly events of the last several days unfolded, including allegations that he spoke callously to the wife of one of the fallen U.S. troops, Sgt. La David T. Johnson, many outside observers began to dig into why Trump was and still is doing all he can to obfuscate from the Niger mission and the soldiers that lost their lives undertaking it.

A timeline was drawn up and it points to one very powerful theory.

On Sept. 25 Donald Trump put out his third revision of his Muslim ban. In it Trump blocks specific travelers from five of the original nations — Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen but this time Trump has added not only North Korea and Venezuela but also nation of Chad the list.

Experts in foreign policy were dumbfounded as to why the Republic of Chad was added as they are one of the US most fierce allies in fighting terrorism including Boko Haram, ISIS and other

The leaders of Chad apparently took offense at this slight and approximately September 29th began pulling their troops from the surrounding areas which had been aiding US troops in combating terrorist militias in that area of the world.

These areas included Libya, Algeria, Mali, Nigeria and it's neighbor to the west Niger.

As a result the terrorist groups moved into the vacated areas and began their attacks anew emboldened by the vacuum created by the Chadian militaries withdrawal

It was under a week later on October 4th when the the four US soldiers were ambushed by Boko Haram, an Islamic extremist terrorist group based in northeastern Nigeria who is now considers themselves an arm of ISIS.

The mission and ensuing rescue mission attempts were a mess as well.

There was no air or drone support when the squad of 12 special forces solders were ambushed by approximately 50 to 75 militants.

This as the L.A. Times reports that “for months before the ambush” the military had been requesting the presence of drones, other surveillance aircraft, and additional military medical support to back up their operations in Niger.

After radioing for help only French military helicopters responded but could not intervene of open fire as they did not have the clearance to do so.

In the end it took over an hour for a group of private contractors to rescue the remaining living soldiers and in the attempt left behind none other than Army Sgt. La David Johnson, the husband of the grieving widow Trump spoke so horribly to, for two days!

It is still unknown if Sgt. Johnson was alive or dead when he was left behind.

You can see why Donald Trump doesn't want to talk about the subject and would rather have a very public feud with an African-American Democratic congresswoman instead. At least his base can get behind that.

In related news Sen. John McCain is demanding more information on the ambush in Niger that killed the four U.S. soldiers, saying the Trump administration is not being forthright.

Damn straight they're not.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Soulless Trump Tells Grieving Widow Of Soldier Killed By ISIS That "He Knew What He Was Signing Up For" (VIDEO)

Myeshia Johnson weeping over the coffin of her husband

It is hard to fault Donald Trump for offending the grieving widow of a fallen soldier killed in an ISIS ambush by making an inappropriate and insensitive remarks after not contacting them for two weeks.

The reason being is that Trump is a sociopath that does not possess empathy.

Therefore it is to be expected that when faced with a task that requires such traits when he inevidably fails.

You can't get mad at a dog for eating it's own shit... It's just what it does.

So when Trump told gold star widow, Myeshia Johnson, that her husband, Army Sgt. La David Johnson, "Knew what he was signing up for" and therefore the she can't really be that upset collectively we shouldn't be all that surprised. 

He was just trying to imitate a person with actual human feelings.

Understandably Congresswoman Frederica Wilson, a longtime friend of the family who was in the room and heard the conversation on speakerphone, did not feel this way.

So after bearing witness to Tump's thoughtless and even cruel words, which reportedly left the dead soldier's wife sobbing in a fetal position, she called him out on it via South Florida’s NBC affiliate...

Sarcastically he said: ‘But you know he must have known what he signed up for. How could you say that to a grieving widow? I couldn’t believe... and he said it more than once. I said this man has no feelings for anyone. This is a young woman with child who is grieved to her soul.

Here is Congresswoman Wilsons' statement as she made it...
After Rep. Wilson's statement Trump then claimed Watson, who has known the family for years, was not only lying but he had proof that in a tweet...

Later, during a press conference, when reporters asked Trump about Rep. Wilson accusation and his reply to it Trump called her a liar...

"Didn't say what that congresswoman said, I didn't say it at all. She knows it and she's now is not saying it. I did not say what she said and I'd like her to make the statement again because I did not say what she said. Had a very nice conversation with the woman with the wife who is sounded like a lovely woman and did not say what the congresswoman said and most people aren't too surprised to hear that."

Trump was then asked what the proof Trump threatened...

"Let her make her statement again and then you'll find out. Okay, her make her statement again and then you'll find out."

Here is the video...
So the congresswoman once again reiterated her claims via Twitter where she knew Trump would see it...

Wilson then stated that she had additional witnesses to the call besides the fallen soldiers wife saying that besides the widow and herself the fallen soldiers mother was in the room as well.

This was later confirmed when the mother of the soldier, Cowanda Jones-Johnson was interviewed and she stated that...

"President Trump did disrespect my son and my daughter and also me and my husband"

In a completely unsurprising move the White House has since revealed that there was no recording made of the phone call and therefor Trump has no actual "proof" with which to discredit Congresswoman Watson.. 

Trump's behavior goes beyond sociopathy and enters into the realm of sadism.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Trump Subpoenaed Over Sexual Assault Allegations

Over the weekend Summer Zervos, a former contestant on "The Apprentice",  filed a subpoena against Donald Trump.

Zervos' subpoena demands that Trump turn over...

"all documents concerning any accusations that were made during Donald J. Trump’s election campaign for president, that he subjected any woman to unwanted sexual touching and/or sexually inappropriate behavior."

The subpoena also specifically names at least 10 women and requests documentation associated with them "or any woman alleging that Donald J. Trump touched her inappropriately."

It was also reported court document names Trump's campaign organization and any applicable "directors, officers, partners, shareholders, managers, attorneys, employees, agents and representatives" as subjects.

During the 2016 presidential campaign Zervos alleged that Trump had tried to kiss and touch her inappropriately without her consent at the Beverly Hills Hotel in 2007.

Zervos leveled her accusation on Oct. 14, 2016 after the infamous "Access Hollywood" tape surfaced in which Trump claimed he could "grab women by the pussy" because he "was famous."

Unsurprisingly Trump has flatly denied the allegations, calling the accusations...

"Fake News" and “lies, lies, lies,

These outbursts are what allowed Zervos to file her defamation suit.

Trump's lawyer has since moved to have Zervos’ defamation lawsuit dismissed in July, claiming that Donald Trump cannot face a civil lawsuit while he is in office.

That motion to dismiss could decide the merit of this subpoena.

 Zervos' lawyer said Trump must reply to their filed opposition of his motion to dismiss by Oct 31 after which the court will schedule a hearing for argument.

Trump's Third Attempt At A Muslim Ban Is Blocked By A Federal Judge Just Hours Before It Goes Into Effect!

Alas Donald Trump's third attempt at his Muslim ban met the same fate Tuesday as the first two.

It was shot down by a federal judge.

The ban, which was set to go into effect in mere hours, was blocked nationwide by Judge Derrick Watson from Hawaii.

Judge Derrick Watson

According to the 40-page ruling Watson the ban was "simultaneously overbroad and underinclusive" because it targets entire countries rather than dangerous individuals, yet leaves out even potentially dangerous individuals from most countries.

Watson's brief went on to state that the ban...

"suffers from precisely the same maladies as its predecessor. It lacks sufficient findings that the entry of more than 150 million nationals from six specified countries would be 'detrimental to the interests of the United States,'" and it "plainly discriminates based on nationality."

Trump's latest Muslim ban blocks specific travelers from five of the original nations — Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen but this time Trump has added Chad, North Korea and Venezuela while Iraq and Sudan were subtracted from the list.

The reasoning behind why some countries were added and some were left of was never fully explained by the Trump administration.

Tuesday's ruling by Judge Watson affected only the six majority-Muslim countries and does not include North Korea and Venezuela. But few people are affected by the ban in those countries

The White House called Watson's ruling "dangerously flawed" and a threat to national security has made it clear that the Justice Department will be appealing the decision.

Trump's earlier bans, from January and March, were struck down by several federal courts before the Supreme Court allowed part of the second ban to take effect in late June. That ban expired last month, to be replaced by an indefinite prohibition against some travelers from an expanded group of countries.

The latest travel ban also has been challenged in federal court in Maryland, where oral arguments were held Monday.

Trump's freeze on all Syrian refugee for 120-days will expire next week.

If you were keeping score U.S. District Judge James Robart blocked Trump's first attempt at a Muslim ban and the aforementioned Judge Watson struck down Trump's second ban in March.

Trump Exploits Gen. Kelly’s Son, Who Died In Afghanistan, As Cover For Not Calling The Families Of Four Soldiers Killed By ISIS

If plumbing the depths of depravity were a sport Donald Trump would hold records at every position.

Today Trump outdid himself when he used a dead soldier to defend himself from criticism about his handling of the death of four soldiers.

What mades the incident even more grotesque is that he used his Chief of Staff Gen. Kelly’s Dead Son, Lt. Robert M. Kelly, to do so.

This all began when, at an impromptu press conference on Monday, Trump was asked to respond to criticism that he had not addressed the fact that he hadn't spoken of or about the four American soldiers who were killed by ISIS in Niger over 13 day ago.

In response Trump falsely insinuated that President Obama did not call families who had children killed in action.

Trump was soundly rebuked for the lie as it was widely known that President Obama took great pains to show gold star families his grief, sympathy and the nation's gratefulness for their sacrifice.

Yet the very next day Trump again tried to defend his claim that President Barack Obama didn't call the loved ones of fallen soldiers, floated the idea Tuesday that reporters should ask his chief of staff Gen. John Kelly, whether or not Obama called him after his son died in Afghanistan in 2010 while serving in Operation Enduring Freedom.

The comment came during an interview on Fox News Radio with Brian Kilmeade...


"One of the questions was about writing the Green Beret soldiers and it ends up being a bigger story. Can I ask you what you thought about... what you thought about when you brought up past presidents and what they’ve done, do you want to clarify anything there?"


"Well there’s nothing to clarify. Because if you look at my whole – this is again fake news CNN, I mean they’re just a bunch of fakers, so they ask me that question, and for the most part, to the best of my knowledge, I think I’ve called every family of somebody that’s died, and it’s the hardest call to make and I said it very loud and clear yesterday, the hardest thing for me to do is do that.Now, as far as other representatives, I don’t know, I mean you could ask Gen. Kelly, did he get a call from Obama? You could ask other people, I don’t know what Obama’s policy was, I write letters, and I also call."

After the interview, which was also widely panned for it's ugly divisiveness, Trump doubled down when he had the White House release an official press release stating that President Obama hadn't’t called General John Kelly after his son was killed.

Plumb those depths Donny!

First of all as 2nd Lt. Robert Kelly was married and protocol would have dictated that President Obama would have called his wife not his father.

Aside from that, what Trump's self serving release fails to mention is, the White House visitor records show that Gen. Kelly attended a breakfast President Obama hosted for Gold Star families after his son died at which Kelly and his family sat at First Lady Michelle Obama’s table.

That's what a real commander-in chief does.

Gen. Kelly, who is a notoriously private man, has tried to keep his son's death private as evidenced in a 2011 Washington Post profile of Kelly that reported that the general asked a Marine Corps officer not to mention his son's death when he was introduced at a St. Louis event only days after his son was killed.

Trump's Net Worth Drops $600 Million As He Falls 92 Spots From Last Year's Forbes Richest Person List

No wonder Donny's pushing tax cuts for the rich!

The Forbes list of 400 richest Americans shows that the "so called" billionaire Donald Trump's fortune fell by $600 million to $3.1 billion.

As a result he dropped to #248 on the list, after coming in at #156 last year.

Forbes attributed Trump's precipitous drop in wealth to...

"a tough New York real estate market, particularly for retail locations; a costly lawsuit and an expensive presidential campaign."

Then there is the $25 million payoff he doled out to settle with the Trump University real estate seminars defrauded students.

These, by the way, are the exact same excuses given for the loss of wealth Trump experienced in last years list.

Sadly for Trump the magazine reports that overall the richest Americans are richer than they were a year ago.

But what do you expect from a guy who went bankrupt running a casino?

Bill Gates tops the list for the 24th straight year with a net worth estimated at $89 billion. Amazon (AMZN, Tech30) founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, worth $81.5 billion, held on to the No. 2 spot he first claimed in 2016. Warren Buffett, remains No. 3 with a fortune worth $78 billion.

Interestingly Trump fared better in Forbes' ranking than he did on Bloomberg's worldwide billionaires list, which puts his net worth at $2.86 billion. That's incidentally is not enough to make him on of the 500 richest people in the world.

Trump has in the past bragged that his "empire" was worth $11 billion... In his estimation.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

After 12 Days Of Silence Trump Is Finally Called Out For Ignoring 4 Soldiers Killed By ISIS... His Response Is Sickening (VIDEO)

After an especially rocky week Donald Trump decided to do an impromptu press conference with Senator Mitch McConnell on Monday to, as they say, "regain the narrative".

It was predictably off the rails, full of self congratulations and blame for everyone else who he perceived had wronged or failed him in some way or another.

But it was when a reporter decided to ask him why he hadn't knowledge the four dead special forces soldiers killed in an ISIS ambush almost two week ago that the presser turned ugly and grotesque.

When the reporter inquired as to why he hadn't addressed the deceased soldiers, the deadliest U.S. combat operation of his term thus far, Trump immediately remarked on how rough it had been for him and then tried to convince reporters that President Obama didn't contact the families of fallen soldiers.

It went exactly like this.

CNN White House Correspondent Sara Murray asked Trump...

"Mr President why haven’t we heard anything from you so far about the soldiers that were killed in Niger? And what do you have to say about that?"

Trump responded with this pile of garbage...

"Uh, I’ve written them personal letters. Uh, they’ve been sent, or they’re going out tonight, but they were written during the weekend (It's been 12 days!). I will at some point during the period of time call the parents and the families. Because I have done that, traditionally. Uh, I felt very, very badly about that. I always feel badly. It’s the toughest, the toughest calls I have to make are the calls where, uh, this happens, soldiers are killed. It’s a very difficult thing. Now, it gets to a point where, you know, you make four or five of them in one day, it’s a very, very tough day. For me, that’s by far the toughest. So, the traditional way, if you look at President Obama and other presidents, most of ’em didn’t make calls, a lot of ’em didn’t make calls. I like to call when it’s appropriate, when I think I’m able to do it. Uh, they have made the ultimate sacrifice. So, generally, I would say that I like to call. I’m going to be calling them. I want a little time to pass, I’m going to be calling them. I have, as you know, since I’ve been president, I have. But in addition, I actually wrote letters individually to the, uh, soldiers we’re talking about, and they’re going to be going out either today or tomorrow.

Here that is...

It's like a child explaining to his teacher that he had done his homework but didn't actually have it on him... but "believe me" he did it!

Later in the press conference, a reporter pressed Trump on his claims about Obama not calling the parents of soldiers who had died while he was President.

Knowing he had been caught in a lie Trump started backtracking...

I don’t know if he did. I was told that he didn’t often. And a lot of presidents don’t. President Obama, I think, probably did sometimes. Maybe sometimes he didn’t. I don’t know. That’s what I was told. All I can do is ask my generals. Other presidents did not call. They’d write letters. Some presidents didn’t do anything. But I like the combination. When I can, I like the combination of a call and also a letter.


Funny fact. Before he was elected one of Trump's fun hobbies was circulating conspiracy theories about Obama supposedly failing to personally reach out to the families of fallen troops.

In August 2012, he tweeted an accusation that Obama didn’t actually sign some condolence letters himself because he was “too busy playing golf”...

What is so nauseating about this is that Trump WAS actually too busy playing golf when the bodies of Staff Sgt. Bryan Black, 35; Staff Sgt. Jeremiah Johnson, 39; Staff Sgt. Dustin Wright, 29, of Lyons; and Sgt. La David Johnson, 25 were retuned home.

In fact, during the twelve days he observed complete radio silence about the four dead servicemen, Trump went golfing five times, actively defended his war on kneeling football players by claiming “I have plenty of time on my hands.”, attacked "Liddle'"Bob Corker on Twitter and bragged about how he’s defeating ISIS at the Value Voters Summit.

Trump is a grotesquery.

Here are a few pictures of President Obama comforting the families of soldiers that died while he was the commander-in-chief...

The President and First Lady console Paul and Janet, parents of Army Sgt. 1st Class Jared C. Monti
The President and First Lady walk through Arlington National Cemetery after greeting family members of fallen service members on Veteran's Day 2012
President Obama speaks to a mourner whose shirt is emblazoned in the memory of fallen soldier Staff Sgt. Brett Petriken in Section 60 of Arlington National Cemetery
President Obama greets visitors during a walk through section 60, the burial sites of the war dead from Iraq and Afghanistan
President Obama comforts families of fallen soldiers during Memorial Day at Arlington National Cemetery 2013

President Obama salutes with Maj. Gen. Daniel Wright as service members carry a coffin containing the remains of Army Sgt. Dale R. Griffin of Terre Haute, Ind.